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Powerto play

  • Remember when the world didn’t have roads,
  • or rules and codes.
  • When there was just one big playground,
  • for you to drive around.
  • When there were no limits.
  • For your car, nor your imagination.
  • Remember that feeling?
  • Well, we’re bringing it back.
  • The Vento.
  • #PowerToPlay

Where power meets efficiency

When it comes to the best driving experience, why should one have to choose between power and efficiency? This is the question that sparked a revolution at Volkswagen. This is how a legend was born. Elegantly designed and smartly engineered, the TSI technology was created by Volkswagen to offer the perfect blend of carefree power and thoughtful efficiency. It is this very legacy that the Vento carries forward through its 1L TSI engine which gives you maximum power with minimum consumption. It’s compact in size, BS6 compliant and offers exceptional performance. Moreover, its 6-speed manual and automatic transmission makes handling gears feel effortless. And makes every drive in the Vento, a memorable driving experience.

Make cruising a breeze

The beloved Vento TSI Automatic offers only the smoothest driving experience. Its 6-speed AT lets you focus more on the fun the road brings you. While its revolutionary TSI engine lets you cruise down the road at 110 PS and 175 Nm torque. Choose either of the new automatic variants - the Vento HL and Vento HL plus - and you have a suave ride with the kind of power to play the rest of the road can only dream of.

A new way to describe style

Get used to being the centre of attention with the Vento. In mesmerising Sunset Red, it turns heads just as easily as it turns corners. The new GTI-inspired Honeycomb Grille, the bold Front and Rear Bumpers, all add to the new sporty charisma of the Vento. The striking new Bonnet will draw eyes from every side the second you arrive, while the new, sleek Side Skirts will keep those eyes glued. And the new Smoked Tail Lamps will make sure you even get a second glance every time you zoom by.

  1. Hood
  2. Front Bumper
  3. Smoked Tail Lamps
  4. Honeycomb Grille
  5. Side Skirts
  6. Rear Bumper

Power never looked so good

The Vento doesn’t just grab your attention as it approaches, it leaves you wanting more. The stunning R16 ‘Portago’ Alloys make a statement every time you go for a spin. The LED headlamps with Daytime Running Lights set you apart from the rest, while the sleek body-coloured Door Handles with Chrome Strip complement the Vento’s distinct profile.

  1. R16 ‘Portago’ Grey Alloys
  2. Electronically Foldable Side Mirrors
  3. LED Headlamps with Daytime Running Lights
  4. Body-coloured Door Handles with Chrome Strips
  5. The sleek Air Dam, Fog and Static Cornering Lights
  6. Chrome Exhaust


Smart and sophisticated

The fact that German Engineering is flawless is no secret. But with the Vento, it travels one step further. The intuitive Touchscreen Infotainment System and Multi-function Console, will not only find the best route to your destination, but make your journey a unique and enjoyable experience. The Flat-bottom, Multi-function Steering Wheel comes with *Voice Command Controls, and the Climatronic Air-conditioning lets you rule over the internal environment. As you enjoy the music, the Cruise Control helps you maintain a steady speed and lets you coast down the road with ease. What’s more, the Vento makes parking absolutely effortless with the Reverse Parking Camera. Making it quite simply, a complete driving experience.

Multi-function, Leather-wrapped, Flat-bottom Steering Wheel with *Voice Command

Cruise Control

Touchscreen Infotainment System

Auto-dimming Interior Rear-view Mirror

Rear AC Vent


Responsible power

Safety has always been an integral aspect at Volkswagen and is central to the new Vento. The Anti-lock Braking System (ABS) will make sure you stay in control during heavy braking and the Hill-hold function prevents your car from rolling back when pulling away on a slop or during a hill start. The Anti-pinch Technology will stop the windows from closing on sensing the slightest obstacle. Being equipped with Dual Front Airbags for added protection of the front occupants as well as Side Airbags and Rear Parking Sensors and Reverse Cameras, we ensure safety is an all-round affair. And to make sure nothing separates you from your car, the Vento comes with an Electronic Immobiliser Anti-theft device as standard.

Front and Side Airbags

Rear Parking Sensors and Reverse Parking Camera

Anti-pinch Power Windows

Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)



Specifically designed and created for your Volkswagen Vento, this diverse line-up of accessories lets you customise your Volkswagen to fit your lifestyle.

Trunk Lip Spoiler - Primed

Basic Carrier (Travel and Comfort)

Seat Cover-Horizontal Design

Seat Cover-Diamond Design

Snake Hook for Headrest

Waste Bag

Thermobox (Cooler and Heater Function)0

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