New Passat

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It’s time to rethink luxury. It’s time to rethink advanced. Because the new Passat is here, pushing the boundaries of engineering and luxury. Yet again. It comes with solid substance- just like you. Made for the perfectionists, it is full of path-breaking technologies to make life simpler.

Exterior - An ode to subtlety

The Passat creates a benchmark when it comes to design. Its smooth lines, sharp contours and irresistible styling gives it a presence that is not like any of the cars on the road. It represents the likes of a gracious athlete ready to display speed, agility and performance from the time go.

Interior - Premium is an understatement

The interiors of the Passat were designed to ensure you get a host of gizmos and gadgets at your fingertips making your drives a lot more comfortable, convenient and functional. Features such as the multi-function steering wheel gives complete control of the dashboard and drive settings.

Style - Imagine stylized simplicity

The Passat is stylised to give those accustomed to making heads turn and jaws drop, can continue doing so with the boldly designed front grill. The confident full LED headlamps with DRL will make your presence shine from the shadows.


Experience the future of understated advanced technology that remind drivers and passengers alike that this is truly a delightful and comfortable drive.

Dynamic Chassis Control

The Dynamic Chassis Control in the new Passat ensures your car is constantly aware of it terrain. It adjusts the suspension characteristics to match the road surface and the current driving situation, in accordance with the preset vehicle setting.

360 Degree Area View

Get a bird’s eye view of things. Even the moving ones. Because, like you, the Volkswagen Passat with 360-degree area view camera also has an eye for things

Easy Open / Easy Close Boot

Hands free when hands full. All you have to do is move a foot in front of the sensor, and the Easy Open Boot works for you. Then use the Easy Close function, that automatically shuts the boot as you move away from it. It's that simple!


Get the very best of safety features built with signature Volkswagen manufacturing making the Passat the safest cars to drive.

Air bags

Airbags reduce the risk of severe head and chest injuries in collisions with a certain severity. The activated airbags cushion the head and upper body, distributing the forces across as large an area as possible. Optimum protection can only be achieved if the occupants are wearing their seat belts properly, as the airbags and the seat belt tensioners together form a finely tuned safety system.

Hill Start Assist

The hill start assist governs the starting torque when pulling away on an uphill incline. It interacts with the hydraulic brake assist and the transmission control to prevent the vehicle from rolling backwards. This makes controlling the vehicle simple and convenient for the driver.

Engine Drag Torque Control

Engine-drag torque control prevents the driven wheels from locking due to the braking effect of the engine on slippery surfaces. This happens when the driver suddenly takes his foot off the accelerator or rapidly shifts down a gear.

Electronic Stabilisation Programme

The electronic stabilisation programme prevents the vehicle from being destabilised when cornering as a result of either excessive speed, an unexpected change in the road surface (water, ice, dirt) or the driver having to perform a sudden evasive manoeuvre

Anti-lock Braking System

When the driver brakes hard on a slippery road surface, the anti-lock braking system prevents the wheels from locking, so that the vehicle can still be steered








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